Uganda & Me is a project that reflects time spent in the east African country and the experiences of being in a new and different place. The project acts as a visual diary, while text entries give the audience a sense of the undocumentable.

Day 1
I woke up at 6.30am with my mosquito net thankfully still hanging around my bed, as there is no glass in some of the smaller window frames. I can see the edge of Lake Victoria from our house. This evening we took a long walk and saw some men working down at the lake. I decided not to photograph them. Introduced to 'Matoke' today, here they eat it morning, noon and night. It's 9.30pm and I'm ready for sleep and to start again tomorrow.
Day 4
...and I'm only beginning to realise she's my Mother while I'm here...
Day 6
...we naively tried to barter for the life of the live chicken that was stuffed into the boot of our taxi. We thought we were successful until dinner was served and our hosts both laughed incessantly. A lesson learned.
Day 13
I had a great reaction from the people today in Jinja. I wish I could have seen it in its hay day. I shot some nice portraits down at the busy port where people bought fish straight from the boats, it seemed...
Day 15
...and time goes by quite slowly...