Stills & Motion worked with Imbibe to create their brand film. We interviewed Gary and Aidan and documented the day-to-day activities of the wider team. This film has since been included in the 2022 100 Archive Selection.

Imbibe is a coffee roastery that is unique in many ways. Aside from roasting great coffee, they have created a business model based on ‘conscious capitalism’ that gives back to a number of different communities. When Gary, the founder and creator of Imbibe, decided to open the roastery he knew he would do things differently. He believed it was possible to roast really great coffee and at the same time run a business that elevates kindness and generosity at every stage of the process.

“We’ve also brought in rare and exotic varieties like Wush Wush from Colombia and in 2020 roasted coffee from world record holders for coffee price, Ninety Plus Estates of Panama.”
Imbibe continuously support Women’s Aid, to whom they donate 1% of their sales. Another 1% of sales goes to the staff, and a third 1% goes to projects at coffee origins.